Our Largest, Highest Volume Unit

  • Blasting pressures up to 125psi!
    (with a high pressure compressor)
  • Integral fork pockets and lifting eyes
  • Extension hoses can extend 300 ft.
    to reach distant work areas

Maximum Capability

  • Designed to withstand very
    harsh environments
  • Super compact design gives
    exceptional mobility
  • High capacity efficiently tackles
    the biggest projects
  • System adjustments range from
    gentle cleaning to aggressive profiling

Built To Take It

  • Massive, solid steel crash cage with
    full coverage powder coating
  • Pot powder coated inside and out
  • Heavy duty, solid stainless steel fittings
  • Stainless steel control cabinet

Safe and Easy To Operate

  • Chemical free, environmentally safe process
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use controls with prominent emergency stop
  • Pressure pots comply with AMSE vessel code regulations Section VIII, Division One

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Dimensions 54.5"x54.5"x40.5""
Weight 775 lbs. Dry
1,820 lbs. Wet
Air Capacity 250-400CFM (Hose and nozzle size dependent on air supply)
Pot Media Capacity 400 lb.(8 Bags Farrow Green Clean®)
Pot Working Pressure 125 PSI Max
Hose Length 50 Ft. Blast Hose Standard,
Up To 300Ft. with Extension Hoses
Available Accessories Hose Extensions, Nozzles
Warranty* Complete Machine for 1 Year From Original Purchase Date

*Please see complete warranty for details.
**Specifications subject to change without notice.